“Fat and Fatter” Grrr!

Normally wouldn’t post this in two places - but I’ve just posted this to my main blog in response to Australia’s ABC screening a program called “Fat and Fatter” which is extemely fat hating, exploitative and offensive.

“Fat and Fatter” is the most offensively fat-hating program I have ever seen – and worse, it masqueraded as ‘helping’ two young girls, when in reality it was just a freak show with scare tactics thrown in. No doubt this was someone’s misguided attempt at a ‘public health notice’, but that’s not an excuse. Fat nd Fatter is just not up to ABC’s normally high broadcast standards, and I am appalled that the ABC even considered obtaining screening rights to this exploitative tabloid show, let alone actually going so far as to screen it.

The full post is on my main blog.